BMX Dirt

Each year at GGFEST we do our best to bring together riders from all over the world with one single thought in mind - passion for BMX! This year we have a seperate street jam, skatepark competition, dirt comp and even a flatland jam session. Hosted by Germany's best - Max Henning and captured by our official media partner - Ride UK!

Here's a few names from our riders list:

  • Dillon Lloyd (Canada)
  • Victor Salazar (USA)
  • Michael Beran (Czech Republic)
  • Mike Curley (UK)
  • Sam Jones (Uk)
  • Daniel Juchatz (Germany)
  • Jordan Godwin (UK)
  • Danny Josa (USA/Hungary)
  • Ola Selsjord (Norway)
  • Greg Layden (UK)